With so  many demands from our everyday lifestyles, it's sometimes challenging to let go of more time, share my skills and talents, invest more of my financial resources kingdomly, and yet, as a believer, I am to faithfully and consistently do these very things to reach out in sharing the gospel message with people I see and meet locally as well as globally.  Our church invests in opportunities where our church family members are able to participate in mission projects and trips sharing their time...skills, experiences, talents, and financial resources to share the gospel message and to meet needs locally, within our state, in North America and Internationally.

You can also engage in missions through the opportunities listed below as well as many more not specifically listed.

Prayer is essential on every effort - "pre" - "during" - and "post" - any project.

A large part of "engaging" is sending people and resources into a mission project area.  This does require some financial resources.  If you feel you are unable to physically go - be a prayer warrior on behalf of those who do go - want to help send financially - give to the "SendMe" fund so that others are able to go.                         


       God wants you to use what He has blessed upon you with those in need of the gospel message.  Those blessings come in the forms of time, talents, experiences, skills, knowledge, and financial gifts.
Women on Mission
        The organization in which the women of the church do mission study and ministry/mission projects within our community and beyond.
        "Tender Loving Care" ministry prepares meals which our classes and individual members may pick up and deliver to the homes of those in crisis or ministry need.
        Scripture commissions us to care for our widows.  Want to be a part of this great ministry?  Contact the church office at 409-385-2819 or by email.
Shut-ins and Homebound
        At different seasons of life or various reasons, church family members become unable to travel outside their home, yet continue needing to be as fully connected to our church in every way we can accomplish.  Sometimes these connections come through personal visits, deliveries of DVD of our worship services, Bible study in the home, delivery of meals, or a variety of additional connection points.
        What a great way to work within our own community through the giving of our time, talents and financial resources.
        One of our greatest tools in reaching and ministering to kids and families within our community.  This week-long event requires the sacrifice of time and energy to invest with about 300 kids and then connecting with their families in sharing the gospel message during the weeks which follow. 



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