Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commands us to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you." This requires our time and financial resources. Some have one or the other and many have both. Generosity in the giving of both time and financial resources will be required for our church to be most effective in following this command. 


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 Prayer is essential on every effort - "pre" - "during" - and "post" - any project.

A large part of engaging is sending people and resources into a mission project area.  This does require some financial resources.  If you feel you are unable to physically go - be a prayer warrior on behalf of those who do go - want to help send financially - what a blessing to be able to give to the "SendMe" fund so that others are able to be our feet, hands and voice!   


        Our ministry opportunity for struggling church member families and other needs as they are made known.
        The community organization where assistance is given to those meeting the necessary qualifications of need. 
        Southern Baptists participate in missions giving through a cooperative effort where we are able to put more missionaries on the ministry field with the resources necessary for sharing the gospel.  The CP provides the infrastructure required to continue developing ways to engage the unreached people groups around our world.
        Our local camp located just outside Newton, Texas.  It is available year-round for use and serving.
        One of our local church plants needing our continued support - through prayer, physical service, and financially.
        The IMB is the organization through which we support our full-time international missionaries.  The "Lottie Moon Christmas Offering" and week of prayer during the month of December supports this gospel sharing effort.
        Every November, our church takes up special offerings to share with the Christian Care Center (for buying children's gifts), benevolece fund (for ministering to hardship circumstances faced by some of our church family members), and "time" gifts to those within our church who are homebound.
        NAMB is how we refer to it - the organization through which we support our full-time missionaries in the United States and Canada as well as supply the infrastructure for church planting in these areas.  The "Annie Armstrong Easter offering" and week of prayer during the month of March supports this gospel sharing effort.
        Our area-wide organization to assist "like-faith" churches in ministry and gospel sharing efforts.  Composed of three associations of churches - Emmanuel, New Bethel, and Sabine Valley - we are a part of Emmanuel association.
        First Baptist Church of Silsbee is aligned with the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention (SBTC).  The "Reach Texas mission offering" and week of prayer during the month of September support this gospel sharing effort.

World Hunger
        October is world hunger emphasis month and our church accepts special offerings where 100% of your gifts go toward alleviating this tragic human state and sharing the gospel as food is shared.




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